20 November - VeloCityLight Update

On Tuesday 18th we received another sample light and sensor from the production facility. On first glance our initial thought was terrific its ready, lets press the go button. Its working well, electronically everything is 100% but on further inspection there were one or two little deviations from the agreed design documents in the plastics which are there to guarantee longevity of the unit. So instead of saying go! we’ve asked the manufacturing team to do one more iteration of the tooling and materials to make sure these elements are included. We think it makes sense.


What does this mean in terms of delivery? We are hoping that if done correctly and quickly (these changes should be straightforward) then we can go to full production at the end of next week. This means we will start delivering units the week ending 5 December and you will receive them the following week. I know it’s getting close to Xmas but with this timetable we will make it on time.

If it looks like we aren’t going to make it, I’ll know by the week of 1st December, I’ll email everyone again and process any refunds that are requested.

Thanks again,


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It's one of the brightest rear lights available, with settings for all light conditions

As the bike decelerates, the light glows brighter acting as a brake light

About VelocityLight

The VeloCityLight is designed to help make cycling safer. It is a powerful rear LED light that displays your speed to drivers. It makes you bright, distinct and visible on the road.

The design team comprise cyclists with many years’ road experience riding in urban traffic and open roads. As the cycle awareness of many car, lorry and bus drivers is not what it could be, the VeloCityLight gives more information to drivers about your speed and also acts a brake light when slowing rapidly or stopping.

The VeloCityLight shows approaching drivers the speed of the cyclist. Drivers see the VeloCityLight and associate the displayed speed with their own rate of travel.

By giving more information to drivers the light acts a prod, a mental stimulus to re-evaluate their own rate of travel and their subsequent actions. The display of a number distinguishes the VeloCityLight from the noise of other red lights.

The brain processes numbers differently than colours. A colour, a red light remains an element in sensory memory, it is fleeting and passing, a number represents a meaningful symbol that needs to be processed and stored in semantic memory.

This fundamentally differentiates VeloCityLight from other lights.

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Technical Specifications